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Compensation and Benefits Services

Your rewards structures should evolve in tandem with your organisational growth.

We deliver comprehensive rewards solutions designed to attract, retain and motivate talent, 
while meeting business performance goals.

Leverage our global experience with small company ability,
spanning 30+ countries including Angola, Cote D'Ivoire, Ethiopia,
Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Mozambique, Nigeria, Portugal and UAE. 
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Our framework

Point factor methodology is used to create an equitable job architecture, powered by gradar.

Job Evaluation

The first step to fair pay is a job architecture that promotes equity and serves as a foundation for rewards, recruitment, talent management and workforce planning. 
We ensure your organisation is able to support internal movement of every employee.

​Services include:

  • Job analysis

  • Job levelling using point factor methodology

  • Develop a job worth hierarchy and job evaluation strategy

  • Define career paths

  • Job architecture audit and maintenance guidelines


Our goal is to ensure your

high-performing teams receive the market competitive compensation that rewards and motivates.

Attractive compensation packages boost employee engagement, drive loyalty and increase retention.

​Services include:

  • Compensation benchmarking

  • Design competitive base pay structure

  • Total rewards philosophy, guiding principles and strategy

  • Annual merit increase process planning and guidelines 

  • Recognition programmes

  • Rewards communication strategy

  • Solutions for volatile markets


We help ensure the benefit offerings are clear,

optimised and well-executed.

From benefit plan design

to employee benefits communication, we can support a holistic review of your benefits as an integral part of your overall rewards offering.

Services include:

  • Benefits  plan design and strategy

  • Local and/or regional benefits philosophy and framework

  • Benefits benchmarking

  • Benefits policies and guidelines

  • Well-being strategy roadmap

  • Employee Value Proposition strategy

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This is a special thank you for the excellent facilitation and knowledge sharing on New Approach to Total Rewards and Organization’s competitiveness during our 2023 Strategy Session. 


Sharing valuable insights and preparing for such sessions takes so much effort and planning. We recognize the value that you have added to our team.

Regional HR Director - Africa,

Barry Callebaut

Ready to revamp
your pay practices?
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and align benefits with market standards.
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