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Compensation and Benefits Consulting

Consultrad provides total rewards advisory services for organisations.

As the cost of human capital rises in tandem with ever increasing global change, organisations continue to pursue competitive and innovative measures to drive productivity and reward employee performance.


Our services

Is your rewards strategy still relevant or does it require modernisation?


Has your organisation experienced a trigger event that has necessitated a review of your employee benefits programme?

Consultrad  provides premium technical and advisory C&B support, helping organisations remain competitive in a global marketplace.

Our C&B  Consultancy  services create tangible change within organisations.

 We  Partner  with you to drive employee engagement and accelerate your growth.

Compensation and Rewards 

We help define your compensation philosophy.

Develop an integrated framework for cash and non-cash rewards.

Benefits & Wellbeing

Balance the needs of stakeholders while still fostering employee loyalty by providing benefits that ensure peace of mind.

Job Architecture

Create a progressive framework for your entire organisation that serves as a foundation for human capital management including rewards, career movement, and workforce planning.


Coaching solutions to assist in the ongoing development and support of HR and People Leaders through tailored courses and workshops.

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No company reward strategy is the same.

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