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How long does a consulting engagement last?

There are two consulting paths:
(1) Done-For-You (ideal if you have interlocking issues that require an expert) ; and
(2) Done-With-You (ideal if you have one key issue you want to solve with guided support).

The support you require, its magnitude and the complexity of your organisation will the selected path. The first step of any engagement is to listen to the client. Our approach is a combination of content and process consulting. We will assess and evaluate elements within your organisation to understand the needs and identify your challenges. In partnership with you, we then develop strategies and steps targeted at tackling the root cause of the problem. We can support to execute, implement and/or initiatives to ensure they produce visible results.

Please visit How We Deliver for more details.
Do you extend your consultancy services to NGOs?
Yes. ConsultRAD delivers effective technical and strategic compensation and benefits support to small-to-medium enterprises and large organisations. This includes local companies, multinationals and NGOs (big or small).
Rewards data is highly sensitive and confidential. How will you keep our data safe?
We follow stringent security guidelines and data sharing protocols, such as AES-128.
In addition, we make sure that any consultant with access to any form of sensitive data signs a non-disclosure agreement to safeguard your information.

ConsultRAD is registered with the Data Protection Office in Mauritius. The Data Protection Act 2017 has been proclaimed on 15 January 2018 in line with the principles contained in the European Union General Data Protection Regulation.
I have operations outside Africa. Can ConsultRAD help?
It depends, contact us to see if we can support your project.
For job evaluation related activities we are happy to provide our expertise irrespective of the client's geographical location.
Do you offer retainer agreements? If yes, how does a retainer agreement work?
A retainer arrangement consists of periodic compensation and benefits advisory support.
We will need to agree on the operating rhythm (e.g., email queries and/or periodic conference calls). The duration of the service must be for a minimum of two months and maximum 6 months.
Examples of the type of support include:
  • support during annual salary planning cycle
  • support during implementation of benefits and/or well-being programmes
  • advisory support for complex rewards packages
  • rewards policy and governance advice
  • coaching on day-to-day rewards challenges
How do training workshops work?
Workshops can be virtual or in person (depending on location, subject to confirmation).
Depending on the specific content covered, virtual sessions will be split during several days to avoid Zoom fatigue and ensure maximum engagement. In-person session can be half-day to a maximum of two (2) days depending on the content.
Topics covered may include, however is not limited to, the following:
  • Overview of total rewards elements
  • Well-being and mental health awareness
  • Job architecture and grade structures
  • Defining your rewards strategy and pay positioning
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Are you still looking for a specific answer?

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.
We are always happy to help.
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