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Client Case Study

Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
for a FMCG Company

The Problem

Lack of clear  communication about what makes the company a desirable place to work.

The client desired to maintain its status as an employer of choice, attracting top candidates and retaining talent.

With ~500 diverse employees across multiple locations, the aim was to align the
 company offerings with employee expectations.
The Solution

Strategic Development of a Compelling EVP

  • Clear understanding of what employees value most
  • Key audit findings and identified opportunities to address gaps found
  • Policy review recommendations to align with the desired EVP
  • Employee lifecycle review
Smiling Worker in Warehouse
The Result

Employee Voice Centred EVP

Strengthened and differentiated position as an employer of choice in the FMCG sector.
  • Increased awareness of the brand portfolio among employees and external candidates
  • Adapted marketing strategies to attract diverse employee segments.
  • Realigned investments to match employee values
  • EVP story wording and slogan
Team Meeting
"I would like to thank you very much for this amazing presentation on the EVP. 
We got a full list of tools & insights that will help (us) be a renowned player on the market, and THE preferred workplace for our employees."


                                                                                                                     ~ COO, FMCG.

Ready to develop a compelling
Employee Value Proposition?

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