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Client Case Study

Workplace Well-being Strategy
for a Commercial Bank

The Problem

Various wellbeing initiatives without a clear strategy

The client had rolled out several wellbeing initiatives and felt something was lacking.

With ~1,000 employees spread across many locations across the country, it was important to provide solutions that could cater to differing needs.
The Solution

Customised well-being strategy development 

The starting point is always an assessment of the existing initiatives to determine the best remediation.
From this, we designed a customised wellbeing program aligned to the organisational goals, HR priorities and employee needs. 
  • Holistic wellbeing strategy with clear objectives 
  • Unique wellbeing brand and logo
  • Wellbeing calendar aligned to the HR priorities and wellbeing objectives
  • Policy review recommendations to align with the revised wellbeing strategy
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The Result

Branded holistic wellbeing program that promotes employee engagement 

The client received a clear, strategic roadmap that will enable it to monitor ongoing initiatives and stay flexible to address future employee needs.
  • Key owners in the team with clear action steps to manage the program
  • Key stakeholders identified to be program sponsors
  • Visible, unique brand name for improved visibility of collective wellbeing initiatives
  • Guidance on how to analyse wellbeing costs to improve ROI analysis
  • Articulation of wellbeing as a pillar of EVP
"ConsultRAD's contribution to the process of developing the strategic business health and wellbeing plan was vital, such that for 2022 it was possible to present not only a strategy, but also more focused and personalized activities on employees and their different needs.
Their dedication, zeal and professionalism made our objectives possible, not only at a strategic level but above all at the level of each employee."

         Standard Bank Mozambique

Ready to transform
your well-being program?

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