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Workplace well-being

We deliver holistic well-being solutions to enable your employees to thrive.
This element can completely transform the culture of your organization.

Having a programme that supports your employee needs
will promote employee health in and out of the workplace.

Our approach

We offer 90-day guided support to organisations that are ready to develop a holistic well-being strategy to adddress employee needs and require advisory support with strategy development and implementation. Defined operating touchpoints and email support is included. 





Conduct organisational assessment
Evidenced based assessment to measure well-being of organisations and leaders. 

Lead workshop debrief
Tools and models to address gaps in the assessment and empower leaders.

Develop workplace well-being strategy
Design holistic strategy addressing systemic barriers. 

Provide organisational roadmap
Personalised action plan and well-being programme identity. 
wellbeing behaviours and mental health behaviours that  are not always visible

As people calibrate to the pace of life and global changes impacting the modern workplace, employee well-being is no longer a nice to have. 

Reestablish humanity in your organisation

Well-being is a core element of an organisation's Employee Value Proposition.

Illnesses - both physical and mental - may show up as one or several behaviours such as poor conduct or an inability to meet goals.
While you’ve tried numerous different ways to solve the issues, you may simply be looking in the wrong places.

The right well-being framework can make all the difference.

At ConsultRAD, we will help you embed a sustainable, personalised employee well-being.

Our holistic
well-being roadmap

We have developed a framework that empowers organisations to shift from individual initiatives to an approach that embeds well-being into the organisational culture.
  • Promote employee engagement
  • Reduce the incidence of recurring burnout and prolonged stress
  • Alleviate "always on" culture
  • Provide personalised support that  addresses employee needs
By encouraging strong mental health for employees, we support you to build an effective workforce that stays healthy and recovers quickly without recurring burnout or prolonged stress
wellbeing framework with 6 pillars
From a strong sense of purpose to the right social connections, we provide you with tools to transform your well-being effectiveness.
Smiling man carrying a baby while typing on a laptop depicting work/life balance

Case Study

We deployed a customised well-being program with the use of employee personas to create a personalised employee experience.

Enabling positive mental
health is a business priority.

Our goal is to help you successfully implement strategies centered around the duty of care you have to your employees.

The hybrid work environment is here to stay and we ensure your employees feel psychologically safe wherever they work.

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