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How we deliver our services

You’ve implemented as much as you can on your own and are ready to accelerate your workplace transformation to attract and retain the best talent.

We want to keep it simple for you to partner with us to create value for your organisation.




Consulting services are offered as:

Done-For-You (DFY)

This model is ideal if you have interlocking issues that require an expert to take the lead.


Done-With-You (DWY)

This model is ideal if you have one key issue you want to solve with guided support.


Private one day workshop designed to address one specific need.  This package includes pre-workshop assessment, risk analysis, priority setting and a final strategy report. (Done-With-You)


90-day project designed to deliver one or two key total rewards specific needs (e.g. develop compensation framework, design well-being strategy, etc.) This package includes discovery phase,  assessments, 12 project management calls, two strategy calls, email support and project scope delivery.​ (Done-For You)


Four to six month project tailored to your specific organisational needs.  Scope may vary depending on the solution required. (Done-For-You)



Our founder, Telma Le Guen, is a speaker and facilitator available for workshops, events and conferences. 

Topics include mental health, resilience, workplace well-being, employee benefits and rewards. 

speaking photo_edited.jpg

HEALTH AFRICA 2022. A conversation about the importance of health insurance for employees as the speakers explore what businesses look for when choosing the best cover for their employees.

BUILDING A CULTURE OF REWARDS TRANSPARENCY. Speaker at Carlyle Partners' Annual Pension Fund Training 2022 (Mozambique) to discuss rewards transparency within compensation and benefits.

THE BIAS BEHIND WELL-BEING PROGRAMMES. EduTalk Speaker at MBN's EXPO 2022 (Mauritius), highlighting the how workplace well-being programmes can adress systemic barriers that impact the overall well-being of employees.

DECONSTRUCTING WORKPLACE STRESS AND BURNOUT. Speaker for Tempus Global Group HR4HR seminar (Mozambique), focused on stress and burnout in organisations.

"I recently had the privilege of collaborating with Telma on a webinar about the the top considerations for employers when selecting an optimal health insurance solution for their employees.


Telma was positive, professional, diplomatic and could easily convey her deep insights and advice on the topic. She was able to do so both from the viewpoint of an employer and taking into consideration the needs of the employee. I highly recommend Telma to any organization or team requiring her kind of employee rewards expertise."

Brand and Communications Manager, Liberty Health

Receive the support that suits your needs. 

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