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We deliver  comprehensive rewards  solutions,  tailored to your business objectives, and designed to attract, retain, and motivate talent, while meeting organizational performance goals

Our global experience spans over  30 countries  globally that include Angola, Cote D'Ivoire, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Mozambique, Nigeria, Portugal, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia and UAE. 

Job Architecture
  • Job analysis

  • Job levelling using point factor methodology

  • Develop a job worth hierarchy and job evaluation strategy

  • Define career paths

  • Job architecture audit and maintenance guidelines

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  • Fair pay analysis

  • Compensation benchmarking

  • Design competitive base pay structure

  • Formulate a total rewards philosophy, guiding principles and strategy

  • Annual merit increase process planning and guidelines 

  • Monetary and non-monetary recognition programmes

  • Rewards communication strategy

  • Rewards cost containment strategies

  • Solutions for volatile markets

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Benefits and Wellbeing
  • Benefits  plan design and strategy

  • Local and/or regional benefits philosophy and framework

  • Wellbeing strategy roadmap

  • Benefits benchmarking

  • Benefits policies and guidelines

A sua contribuição no processo de desenvolvimento do plano estratégico de saúde e bem-estar empresarial foi preponderante, de tal forma que pra o ano de 2022 foi possível apresentar não so uma estratégia, mas também atividades mais centradas e personalizadas nos colaboradores e suas diferentes necessidades.

Direção de Pessoas e Cultura do Standard Bank recomenda os serviços da Consultrad, liderado pela Telma à todas organizações que pretenderem os serviços da C&B.

Standard Bank Mozambique

I wanted to take this opportunity to express how pleased I was to work with Telma on this project. Not only was she personable and engaging but also on top of all deadlines and deliverables.
She worked well with the team and provided excellent data. I was impressed by her work ethic and positive attitude. We would definitely like to work with her again on any future projects.

Founder, CompTeam (USA)

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